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1171    Maniero Umbro
Umbria ITALY

The Castle is 500 meters. altitude of the first issue in Umbria (regional) MONUMENT-ART-HISTORICAL ARCHITECTURAL dating from the XII-XVI-XIX centuries. and e 'instead "of course" under the tutelage of Superintendence for the Artistic and Historical Architectural Region of Umbria.
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1211    Castello Pogliani

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1170    Maniero del Belbo

Medieval Manor of unquestionable character, whose strategic location (between Belbo and Bormida) did it in ancient times one of the best strongholds in the south of Piedmont ...
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1305    Palazzo Nevers

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1140    Castello di Pessine

Through extensive research we managed to traced in part to the true origins of the Manor, the exact date of which dates back to 1386 is reported to have more of a tufa stone with the image of the lamb and the words "OF AGNUS QUO Tolis PECATA MUNDI "...
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1210    Castello delle Rondini

Castle of undoubted visual impact of the swallows, the typical medieval connotations, was for years a prestigious residence of Monferrato. Built on top of the village, with a 360 panoramic views nestled among the pine trees of a park whose menus are accessed by a private drive ...
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